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The local 501c3 must be vetted 4 weeks prior to the meeting to be considered to present at a meeting. At the meeting, a member can nominate a vetted 501c3 for the opportunity to present at the meeting.  Click here to see if your 501c3 charity is vetted and approved. Three of the vetted charities get randomly selected to present at the meeting. They have 5 minutes for a presentation and an additional 5 minutes for Q & A by members. After all, have presented the membership votes on who will receive the money. A date is then selected for the membership to deliver the checks and take a photo for the group.
If you are interested in the opportunity to receive these funds, come to a meeting or reach out to a member to get your 501c3 charity vetted.  Keep in mind not all charities will get the opportunity to present at a meeting, they are randomly selected. We encourage charities to build relationships with our members and even join our group and keep trying at a future meeting. A charity can get a chance to receive the money again after they have won by waiting a deferral period of 2 years. 
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