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To date contributed by members: $43,000 

 To date matched by...

 Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation $12,800


We donate to local 501c3 charities that are nominated by our members. Click below to find out more about the qualifications and how to nominate! 

3rd Quarter 2020
Veterans H.E.A.T. Factory
2nd Quarter 2020
For Each 1 Reach 1 Mentoring Program
The Life Center
TLC 1st Quarter 2020
LVIB (Lighthouse)
Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind 4th Quarter 2019
Hernando Youth Orchestra
Hernando Youth Orchestra 3rd Quarter 2019
Saint Vincent de Paul Society
Saint Vincent de Paul Society May 2019
Alzheimer's Family Foundation
Alzheimer's Family Foundation
K-9 Partners for Patriots
K-9 Partners for Patriots Nov 2018
Dawn Center August 2018
Dawn Center August 2018
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Get your favorite non profit approved today.



​-How long have they been operating locally?
-What is its mission? 
-Who do they serve?
-What geographic areas do they serve?
-Is the organization a 501c3?  (IRS tax-exempt determination)

-​What are the major sources of funding?  (Government?  Private donors?)
​-How much of every dollar donated goes toward program costs and administrative costs?
-How big is the staff?
-How many people serve on the Board of Directors?
-Do they utilize volunteers?
-What are some of their top priorities for fundraising?   What is at the top of the wishlist?  If we contributed towards that, would they be able to purchase it, or implement it?​
-Is there a specific timeline, or deadline associated with the current needs?
-Do they have any opportunities to match our donation?

Only members can nominate a non-profit.

100+ Women Who Care Florida Nature Coast

All it takes is 100 women coming together for one hour, once a quarter. With each woman contributing $100, a local 501c3 charity will receive $10,000! 


Phone: 352-573-8561

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